Oil Facial Cleanser – Yay or nay?

Many years ago, if someone suggested that I lather my face with oil, I would think the person is a nutter. After all, I grew up with very active oil glands so I doubt that my face need any more oil than what it was already producing.

However, oil facial cleanser is taking the beauty world a storm in the last few years. As I grow older my oil glands have calmed down quite a bit. I used to have oily skin but now I have combination skin – dry on the cheeks and oily on the T-zone.

The first facial oil cleanser I tried was by Shue Uemura. I didn’t plan to buy it but the Sales Assistant did a great job at convincing me (honestly, it’s not that of a difficult job to convince me as I am a sucker for beauty products and always willing to try new items).

They do have a range of facial oil cleanser depending on your skin type and needs as you can see in the picture below. I initially tried the one that comes in the green bottle (to make the skin radiant and feel more refined) and because I really like the it, I bought a second bottle, but I felt that I should try a different range, so I tried the one in the orange bottle (ultime8 sublime which is their most advanced product from the range). I have just finished using my second bottle.

I find using oil to remove make up is more effective that using foam facial cleanser. The oil removes every trace of make up, even the strongest and darkest coloured eye liner and mascara, without making your skin dry. I certainly did not feel my skin feeling tight which I usually feel when I wash my face with normal cleanser. Another bonus point is that it is easy to use – just apply the oil on dry skin, massage the skin gently and wash off with water and TADAAA you now have a clean face!

I’m still continuing my journey of using facial oil, and I am currently trying out the facial oil from Clinique, which I have only started using two days ago.

In conclusion, facial oil cleanser is definitely a yay for me. What about you? Any thoughts?


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