My current favourite YouTubers

Honestly people, I don’t know why I am still subscribed to Sky because I have been spending ridiculous amount of time on YouTube. Perhaps because it is summer (although technically, summer is over given that we are in Autumn or Fall depending if you’re based in the UK or the USA), when majority, if not all, of my favourite TV series are on a break, excuses…excuses!

Although I said I spent a lot of time, one thing for sure, when it comes to YouTube, I have a relatively short attention span. Besides titles, topics etc, I tend to aggravate towards those which are between 10 – 15 minutes. If they are below 10 minutes even better. I appreciate everyone is different, this is just my preference.

So who are my current favs? In no particular order….

  1. macshadowscombo – if you are looking for honest beauty product reviews and ideas for eyeshadows combo, I’d highly recommended this channel. Whether you’re using MAC, Lorac, Urban Decay, there will be more than something for you from here. In fact, that’s how I stumbled upon the channel – I was looking for new inspiration to mix up my eyeshadow combinations using the Naked palette.
  2. Estee Lalonde (aka essiebutton) – Her channel covers a wide range of topics – predominantly beauty stuff – but she also covers books, travels, food and general life topics. There is something about Estee that I really like – genuine, relatable, keeps things simple and to the point. She has also included the closest and dearest in her life, including her grandmother, which I think probably the reason why I feel her channel is ‘real’.
  3. frmheadtotoe – I can’t imagine anyone not liking Jen after watching her channel. She is soo cute, adorable and her videos are very engaging. When I first stumbled upon her channel, the thing that got me hooked was her manner her speaking. She is very articulate, eloquent, and her pronunciation is on point. She is expressive and descriptive while remain candid and relaxed without looking rather too scripted.
  4. Amelia Liana – Amelia mainly talks about beauty, fashion and hauls but occasionally she also covers food, fitness, healthy eating habits etc. I do enjoy watching majority of her videos but I particularly love her vlogs. It’s so fun to watch because they are so candid and she is definitely very girly. A bit like me – girly and princessy (in a good way!) I also love seeing the interior of her house when she videos at home – particularly the big shelves in her lounge. It’s an inspiration for my upcoming ‘new home’ project.
  5. Fleur DeForce – I discovered Fleur’s channel through Amelia’s and when I first checked out her channel, I was so mesmerised at how pretty she is! Beautiful. Still can’t get over it. Between YouTube, blogging, instagram, getting married and renovating house (read: her kitchen), she has recently published her first book, The Glam Guide, and just announced her own make up line!. Honestly, don’t know where this girl finds to time to juggle all that!

Obviously, there are other channels that I subscribed to, but these are the ones that I always look forward to their new videos and when they come out, I definitely want to watch them ‘now’. When it comes to these YouTubers, the concept of delayed gratification does not apply – at least for me!

So what about you? Who are your favourite YouTubers? What are your favourite channels? If you there are any that you think I would enjoy, feel free to share. I would definitely love to check them out! x


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